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Resources for Landscaping in Kansas City North

Professional Insights for Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces

With over 25 years of industry experience, Sheller Outdoor Living has a wealth of knowledge and experience in landscaping and creating customized outdoor living spaces. As much as we love to offer our expertise and landscaping services to homeowners and commercial properties, we also love to share the tricks of the trade that we’ve learned and developed over the last two decades. That’s why we offer comprehensive workshops and educational resources for landscaping professionals looking to elevate their craft.

Meet Our Founder

About Craig Sheller

For over 20 years, Craig has served the Construction and Hardscape industry as an Installer, Distributor, Manufacturer, Rep, and Educator.


Craig has a passion for improving the industry through coaching others on best practices, operating efficiencies, and attention to detail. As the industry has changed over the years, he continues to research new installation methods, new tools and equipment, and new products.


In the off-season, Craig enjoys traveling to other markets to teach ICPI courses and Present Hands-On Training for Hardscape Installation.

Landscaping Guides for North Kansas City Residents

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North Kansas City's Landscaping Assistance

4 Day Hardscape Training

Covers outdoor lighting installation, sand application, understanding the importance of cleaners and sealers, and wrapping up with a review session where your questions are welcomed!

Explore Our Educational Material

From building retaining walls to patios, Sheller Outdoor Living has over a hundred videos with tips, tricks, and landscaping techniques that can help you develop your skills and enhance your trade.

Tune Into Our Podcast

Our podcast, Backyard Conversations with Craig Sheller, provides a more intimate opportunity to learn from landscaping experts. We share stories, discuss best practices, and have a good time talking about an industry that we love.